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The Departure of Roman Reigns has changed many things

The Departure of Roman Reigns has changed many things


The Departure of Roman Reigns has changed many things

After the departure of Roman Reigns who is suffering from leukemia, the WWE will have to make a lot of changes within its own roster. For starters, Elias and Braun Strowman went past RAW this week to fill the void left by the “Big Dog”… but that should not stop there. We will take a look at the changes that may take place in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that these are just rumors.

At first, we learn that Dean Ambrose’s heel turn was not planned for this Monday at all. With the release of Reigns, WWE should make Seth Rollins his top star face and Ambrose top star heel. This rivalry will probably occupy us for many weeks. According to Wrestling Observer Live, the Ambrose turn was originally only planned around Survivor Series. This change was made in a hurry.

Then, according to Joe Peisich during his podcast, superstars of the NXT could arrive earlier than expected in the main roster, again due to the absence of the former world champion. Peisich does not know if it will be Johnny Gargano or Aleister Black, but he thinks that a big name will land very quickly on the side of RAW. Usually, you had to wait until the week after WrestleMania to see NXT superstars enter Smackdown or RAW.

What is certain is that Roman Reigns will leave a huge void that the WWE will have to fill quickly. Vince McMahon and his troops had made Reigns the top star in the league for four years now.


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