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The design of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Revealed


The design of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Revealed

cndfhghkdf - The design of the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles RevealedAs the hours go, new rumors run about the historic announcement that Stephanie McMahon will make next Monday on Raw. It is speculated that two announcements will be made: the first would be the first PPV for women only and the second would be the creation of the WWE women’s tag team titles.

On this possible second announcement, there would already be news. The Twitter user @BeltFanDan, wrestling championship belt specialist and who reported what the new WWE belts would be like, has confirmed that one of Stephanie McMahon’s announcements will be that and that the belts are already made and designed .

In fact, the expert has added news about what the new belts would be like. The design would be very similar to that of the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles, but with changes in both the color of the strap, which would be white and in the drawing of the belt, with the largest WWE logo and two helmets of the gladiator. The belt would be like the next image, without the heads .

Not only that, and the specialist also would have confirmed what is the plan of WWE with the belts, make a tournament to decide the first tag team champions and that the final was made in the event that the company plans to only female superstars. In addition, the belt would not belong to a single brand, but any omen’s tag team from Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT and even NXT UK could have an opportunity for it.


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