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The End of Rusev in WWE is Coming


The End of Rusev in WWE is Coming

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We have Rusev case: The end of Rusev is coming in WWE. That is what thousands of Bulgarian followers should think. Especially more after having the last events of the fighter in the company of McMahon. Although to be fair, he has never felt much respected and loved. Despite having a great affection from the public at some important moments of his career in the company.

His beginnings were not easy, although his character as anti-American gave him a push as one of the great heels. And he gained great popularity in his rivalry against John Cena, another great fighter who divides the opinions of the public. Thanks to that character, he is former two times United State Champion and his character, his career and above all his prize list are pigeonholed. That remains identical. Despite his great talent, he has never been able to express with great solvency each of his great skills in the ring. But his character outside the ring has cost him more than a dislike.

We started, by the wedding of Rusev with Lana when they were involved in a storyline (Kayfabe), which had the idea of problems in the relationship between them. The couple officially announced their commitment on social networks. Something that did not please the company, since it had to modify its plans in the rivalry before Dolph Ziggler.

In the same way, it is known that Rusev has always felt like a front-line main eventer. And on rare occasions, he has been able to dispute battles for the main titles. So his presence in WWE is due to the mid-card. Facts that have led both to show their discomfort publicly through their social networks. or even with threats to ask for his release. The last occasion deals with the last month where that detail was filtered. Perhaps because of those rumors, it was added without explanation to the fight for the title of the United States in Wrestlemania 34.

And also that in the last few hours, he has been eliminated from the undercard of Greatest Royal Rumble being replaced in his match against Taker by Chris Jericho. It has lit all the alarms about a possible termination of the fighter by the company.

On this day, last-minute information about the fighter has been issued. Where you have deleted references to WWE from Twitter. And in addition, he has added an email for “supposed books” outside the WWE. We can not ignore the modification of the chants during SmackDown Live last Tuesday, April 10.


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