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The good, The bad and the Extraordinary of the Greatest Royal Rumble


The good, The bad and the Extraordinary of the Greatest Royal Rumble

The good, The bad and the Extraordinary of the Greatest Royal Rumble

Yesterday was held in Saudi Arabia the expected Greatest Royal Rumble event with fights of very good quality highlighting the Cruiserweight Title, the ladder fight for the Intercontinental Championship and the cage fight for the Universal Title.

Controversial moments like the victory of Lesnar, funny, like Titus O’Neil’s entrance to the pitched battle, disagreeable as the non-participation of the WWE women’s division. In addition to leaving us other good, bad and extraordinary moments.

The good

The Triumph of Cena

This combat revived the nostalgia of many as both fighters have left an indelible mark on the history of WWE. This victory will serve to Cena to position itself to some title, because without a doubt still has a few more years in the company. Can John Cena get the GrandSlam Champion award this year?

The victory of the Bludgeon Brothers

From the past Shake-Up, the tag team division was marked by the Usos – New Day era. The necessary revolution of the division of couples arrived at WrestleMania and it seems that it will stay for a long time. Today Harper and Rowan look dominant and demonstrate their supremacy whenever they can. Who will be the next challengers to the title?

The United States title stays on SmackDown

Jeff Hardy as champion will claim the United States title. The possible triple threat to Backlash gives the turn and focus he needed. Maybe we can see Mahal again in this fight, to try for the last time to take back the title to Raw. Will the title in Backlash change hands?

Strowman on the way to becoming the next Universal title challenger?

Although it was known that the winner of the Greatest Royal  Rumble in history will have no reward more than the applause of the Arab public. Maybe this changes with the passing of the weeks. The monster among men is given a title shot. Well, Roman Reigns has already failed twice by defeating Lesnar. Will it be on the Universal title radar or will it continue to be given opportunities to Reigns?

The coffin match

It is always good to see The Undertaker match. After the expectation, he generated in his fight against John Cena at WrestleMania he gives hope that we may see him in more battles this year. The best scenario is to see him in the next Summer Slam but now against a greater opponent such as Samoa Joe. Will you have more fights this year The Undertaker?

The bad

The non-participation of the WWE women’s division

We all knew the reason why the division was “vetoed” from the Arab country because it does not fit, neither politically, nor socially, nor religiously. That is somewhat disappointing because WWE succumbed to the money and not to the dignity that women in your company deserve.

The match for the Raw tag team Championship

This match lost interest when The Bar was transferred to SmackDown in addition to that, in general, did not stand out for having the quality of the other fights of the event. The good thing about this is to see the union of Bray Wyatt and “the Woken” Matt Hardy paid off because this team promises a lot and is to be the reference tag team of the division. Who will be the next challengers to the Raw tag team titles?

The Extraordinary

The match for the Cruiserweight Championship

At WrestleMania, Alexander and Mustafa Ali gave a tremendous wrestling exhibition. Yesterday was not the exception. The combat was dynamic, aerial and flush with canvas. who will win both proved worthy to be called a champion? Who will be the next contender for the title?

The Race for the Intercontinental Championship

I dare say it was the night’s fight. On this occasion, they gave the stairway the true protagonist. All suffered the ravages of the object. It should be noted the end of the fight when it seemed that Bálor will become the new IC champion, Rollins surprised everyone with an all-terrain jump by dropping the medal and ending the hopes of the Irishman. Can The Miz snatch the Intercontinental Championship from Rollins at Backlash?

The participation of Daniel Bryan in the Greatest Royal Rumble

This match proved that Bryan returned to recover the years he spent in retirement because of the injury. He showed his best version and was nothing to win the historic event.

However, Big Cass gave him a preview of what awaits him next May 6, managing to eliminate him. Can Bryan take revenge in Backlash?

The Rematch of Styles

The change to rough by Nakamura gave him the necessary relevance that deserved this rivalry, the fight was fine, however, at the end of the fight ” The Phenomenal ” focused on collecting revenge for all the cowardly attacks received from the Japanese. As a consequence, the rivalry will have the third chapter. Who will be the WWE Champion after Backlash?

The Controversial victory of Brock Lesnar

It is undeniable that Lesnar is an excellent fighter what the WWE universe claims, are the long absences of the champion because he does not even defend the title with a deserved periodicity. Although it is only 50% who dislike this, others are happy to see Reigns fail every time to become Universal Champion. Who will be Lesnar’s next rival? And a more important question, when will you defend your title again?


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