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The Incredible story of Lars Sullivan’s failed beginnings

The Incredible story of Lars Sullivan's failed beginnings


The Incredible story of Lars Sullivan’s failed beginnings

Lars Sullivan, this is the red line business of recent months. Announced in a big push, then put in difficulty by the moral police, the WWE finally did not give credit to the accusations of which it was a victim. And here we are now in January, the month designated for its great beginnings! Except that everything did not go exactly as planned…

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lars was at RAW last Monday. He was even expected to fight in a dark match! Except that Lars does not escape the constraints of the human race and is subject to stress. So he has had an anxiety attack! A crisis of anxiety so strong that he had to leave the scene of the show.

The following Tuesday Sullivan was scheduled for a dark match at SmackDown. No more successful than for RAW. Even worse, Lars did not even show up. Instead, he flew home to Colorado.

No more info at the moment but no matter how the case ends, the beginnings of Lars Sullivan have definitely not been a long calm river.


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