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The Madison Square Garden Honors Bruno Sammartino


The Madison Square Garden Honors Bruno Sammartino

The Madison Square Garden Honors Bruno Sammartino

The memory of Bruno Sammartino is honored for what was once his home. The most famous sports pavilion in the United States, Madison Square Garden (New York) has honored the late Bruno Sammartino. Through his official Twitter account the Garden has dedicated a few words to the legendary fighter:

“Today is a sad day for wrestling and sports fans. Simply put, Bruno Sammartino was one of the biggest stars in the long and storied history of Madison Square Garden, a legend in every way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family today and always.”

Madison Square Garden wanted, in turn, to honor Sammartino with another detail. This morning the pavilion has dawned with A new sign on your front door. This poster has an image of Bruno in black and white and a reminder of his death. This is the second time that the Garden has honored the death of a professional wrestler after Roddy Piper.

Bruno Sammartino is considered one of the best and most important headlines in the history of Madison Square Garden. The fighter has a total of 145 appearances in the legendary venue, between the years 1960 and 1986. The Garden was the scene of both coronations of Sammartino as WWE heavyweight champion (known at the time as WWWF).


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