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The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam 2018

The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam 2018

After more than 3 years without facing the cameras, Daniel Bryan and The Miz returned to fight hand in hand in the SummerSlam PPV. In his most recent match in the big show of the company, The Miz got the victory after making his own and achieve victory by using an illegal object. With his victory, Miz manages to defeat Bryan for the second time in his career.

Both rivals faced each other in an extended fight, in which both tried to show dominance over the other using movements typical of the opposite and with constant ridicule from Miz towards Bryan. In the final moments, Miz received help from his wife Maryse who was in the front row, after receiving an American fist that he would use to hit Bryan and then cover him.

After the match, Daniel Bryan was intervened by doctors behind the scenes. Brie Bella appeared to see her husband’s condition and tried to calm him down. Daniel Bryan stressed that he had fought hard to get another result in the fight. Brie reminded him that he struggled to achieve his dreams and his dreams are not over yet. After these words, Daniel Bryan calmed down.


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