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The Miz, on the way to becoming the new idol in WWE?

The Miz, on the way to becoming the new idol in WWE?
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The Miz, on the way to becoming the new idol in WWE?

The Miz seems to have softened his villain attitude. We saw this a few weeks ago when he was the sensible captain of the Survivor Series team wanting to separate Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe. In that same episode, he was seen friendly with Bryan, and it even seemed that they could get to form a duo in the future, although it would have been an unequal duo like Kane and Bryan himself.

And although he continues with his arrogant attitude, the public clothes him more and more. Last Tuesday he fought as a local because although he was born in Ohio, he is always presented as a resident of Hollywood, California, so the fans of Los Angeles received him as someone from home.

Precisely for this reason, the dark star match on Tuesday on SmackDown was a match in which The Miz faced Daniel Bryan.

The Miz was defeated after Bryan hit him a low blow. Despite the defeat, he stayed a few minutes on the string and spoke into the microphone.

He did not say many things, but he thanked the fans present for having closed in the best way WWE visit to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Let’s not forget that the company held four consecutive nights in the property.

On Tuesday, he joined forces with Shane McMahon in a tag match. They were defeated by two local fighters, so we’ll have to see what this means for both of them. Beyond that, this Saturday is Starrcade 2018. In addition to contesting a fight, we recently confirmed that Miz will have another role.

Continuing with the Commissioner, many surprised that he did not announce any change in the brand since that same comment a day before the show.

However, there seems to be a reason for this to be the case. A reason that we will know if it is real or not next week. Connoisseurs, what do you think will happen?


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