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The Miz Transferred to SmackDown During the WWE Superstar ShakeUp


The Miz Transferred to SmackDown During the WWE Superstar ShakeUp

Tonight during the Monday Night RAW program the first part of the WWE Superstar Shakeup was made. In this opportunity, several exchanges from the SmackDown brand towards RAW were confirmed, but in an exception, it was also announced the arrival of The Miz to the SmackDown brand being the first talent confirmed to reach the blue mark.

The transfer was confirmed by Kurt Angle, general manager of RAW which was part of a segment of Miz TV that confirmed the return in action to WWE of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. As explained, Owens and Zayn arrived thanks to the decision of Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. however, Angle responded by confirming to Miz his transfer to SmackDown after the requests of his commissioner and general manager Shane McMahon and Paige who sought to bring Miz at the insistence of Daniel Bryan with whom Miz has a rivalry.

Angle also clarified that Miz will come to SmackDown on his own, so a couple of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel will remain as talents of RAW. The return of Miz to SmackDown is made a year after his arrival at RAW when in the first edition of Superstar Shakeup he reached the red mark. Now the 8-time intercontinental champion will come back to SmackDown to reconnect with Daniel Bryan in the ring.


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