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The Reason Why Rey Mysterio Didn’t Return To WWE

The Reason Why Rey Mysterio Didn't Return To WWE


The Reason Why Rey Mysterio Didn’t Return To WWE

Photo credit: WWE

The Reason Why Rey Mysterio Didn’t Return To WWE

Rey Mysterio has not yet signed a new contract with WWE but he clearly wants to return to the company one day for a final stage. At the moment it is not clear when it could be but it will not be before All In event.

The main dispute between both parties to reach an agreement could be that the company does not want the masked man to appear in the September 1 event but he does want to do so. Still, it seems that this is not the big problem.

Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly said in Wrestling Observer Live that WWE still has an interest in the fighter’s return but that the drawback is that they want him to work more dates than he is willing.

It has been previously discussed that the company wants Mysterio to sign a full-time contract but he wants a part-time contract, something that seems more logical considering both his age and his health problems.

From so much talking about this issue, it could be thought that when the masked man makes his return he will not have as much strength as he could have. But that is something that we will know when it happens that is still not clear when it will be.

As for the participation of Mysterio in the All In event organized by Cody Rhodes, we recently confirmed what the match will be in which he will be. And there is no doubt that the show can be stolen which will also be full of great combats.


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