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The Reasons behind the push of Kofi Kingston

The Reasons behind the push of Kofi Kingston


The Reasons behind the push of Kofi Kingston

The last episode of SmackDown saw the return of Kofi Kingston in a state of grace. Impressive in the ring, Kofi has come to the end of Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe in a Gauntlet Match which he will finally be eliminated by AJ Styles after remaining almost an hour in the ring. But then, why did the WWE finally decide to take Kofi out of the New Day shackle to give him the chance to shine solo?

The answer: Mustafa Ali! Integrated into the roster of SmackDown last December, Ali has definitely caught the eye of the officials since it was initially him who was expected to beat Bryan, Hardy and Samoa Joe. Except for that fate, Ali was finally withdrawn in the Elimination Chamber Match next Sunday because of multiple injuries. So Kofi Kingston simply inherited the place of Mustafa Ali at the comma.

If you were expecting a push from Kofi in the long run, it’s probably not for now. Whoever beat Chris Jericho or Christian in 1 against 1 at the end of the 2000s seems to be intended only to play the interim of luxury. At least his performance last night has marked the spirits? A solo return for Kofi would go hand in hand with the rumors of last January announcing change within New Day.


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