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The Undertaker Returns at Wrestlemania 34 and Defeats John Cena


The Undertaker Returns at Wrestlemania 34 and Defeats John Cena

The Undertaker made his return at Wrestlemania 34 and beat John Cena in a match that had not been previously announced. although it had been rumored in such a way that everyone expected the return of “The Deadman” in the Show. John Cena put up very little resistance and The Undertaker got the victory in a few minutes after applying the Chokeslam and the Tombstone Piledriver .

From the beginning of the show, John Cena was sitting in the front row watching the show as a spectator but received the notification of a WWE assistant and left behind the scenes after the fight between Asuka and Charlotte Flair. John Cena reappeared dressed as a wrestler but a referee informed him that he had no plans for Wrestlemania. When it seemed that Undertaker’s response did not come “The Deadman” finally appeared on stage with his classic character.

It should be noted that The Undertaker looked physically better than last year. “The Deadman” underwent a complete hip replacement operation, an operation that was not supposed to take place until his definitive retirement. During the fight against John Cena, The Undertaker made some movements that he could not carry out in 2017.


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