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Three Big Rumors of WrestleMania 34


Three Big Rumors of WrestleMania 34

Three Big Rumors of WrestleMania 34

It is said that “the rumors, rumors are”, but also that “when the river sounds, water carries” (except when Meltzer speaks he does not give one). On our way to Wrestlemania, we are leaving many doors open like Who will be the mysterious partner of Braun Strowman to fight for the Raw Tag team Championships? Are you sure that The Undertaker will not appear in Wrestlemania? and some more … We give you our opinion about what will happen in some of the great stories that will happen in Wrestlemania and which are rumored daily:

The Performance of Elias

Elias is not going to fight, Elias is not going to be the mysterious companion of Braun Strowman and he will be at the Royal Battle of Andre the Giant at the most. WWE has big plans for Elias and plans to give him many television minutes. Elias could star in a live concert in the Mercedes Benz Superdome and who knows if he will be interrupted by The Rock (or accompanied on guitar). This is the only plan that there is now for Elias who has said it for active and passive in all the interviews: “In Wrestlemania, I will do the best performance of my life, something great”. It only remains to wait if this “great” refers to a confrontation / “six-second combat” with The Rock.

The Companion of Braun Strowman

Neither Elias, as we have said, nor Big Show, nor Undertaker, nor Samoa Joe, nor Chris Jericho, nor even Rey Mysterio. In our opinion, Braun Strowman must have a returnee as his partner. Bubba Dudley! Who knows if when we saw Strowman dressed as Dudley last on Monday Night Raw he was not giving us a clue as to where the shots are going but do not forget Bray Wyatt, who was already Braun’s mentor and who has been missing since he lost track in the “lake of reincarnation.” On the other hand, Braun Strowman could lose the titles because of his partner but he could also win it to lose it in Raw the following night. A long reign is not expected if the case arises.

The Undertaker will be at Wrestlemania

Yes, no one believes it and at this stage of the film it has not been announced or will be announced but Undertaker will be in Wrestlemania in a segment where it will face John Cena. Do not rule out that Cena makes a last attempt to call the “Dead Man” in the place where he lost the unbeaten in Mania and that it appears that is characterized as American Badass attacking Cena and ending a new appearance in the show of the shows. The Undertaker will be in Wrestlemania with this or another type of short segment but it will be.


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