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Three Heel Turn that could occur at WrestleMania 34


Three Heel Turn that could occur at WrestleMania 34

Three Turn Heel that could occur in WrestleMania

Credit: WWE

We all know the history of Wrestlemania at least from the top and we know of the great changes that have taken place in many of its combats and what it has meant for the evolution of stories, superstars and the company itself. Since “Macho Man” Randy Savage has rained a lot and have run rivers of ink about the “face changes” of people like The Rock, Vince McMahon or Steve Austin.

This Sunday we will have the opportunity to witness another great show that surely will come full of surprises and many of them will be totally unexpected turns. Here we tell you what are in our opinion the changes that could occur next Sunday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome of New Orleans within Wrestlemania 34:

Ronda Rousey joins the Authority

Ronda Rousey has come to the company being the largest female babyface to date, above people who have long been in the business as Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Naomi … in short, a long etc. But what would happen if Ronda Rousey turned against his mentor Kurt Angle and sided with the Authority. How many times have we heard that of “The most bad woman on the planet” along this road to Wrestlemania, but that does not fit into a smiling and talkative character like Ronda When everyone takes for granted that Ronda and Kurt will take the easy victory with Rousey’s submission on Stephanie, will you be surprised to see the victory of the Authority thanks to Ronda and this one the next day on Raw confirming its alliance with Triple H and Stephanie? After all, they are the ones who write the rules and why not join them as if it were Randy Orton?

Shane McMahon betrays Daniel Bryan

We all know about the stipulation that the fight between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens has against Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. If the first ones lose they are fired from WWE, from which we deduce that they will have to win their fight because WWE is not going to fire them, but how to make Daniel Bryan lose in his fight back without damaging his reputation? Well, with a wide angle in which Shane aligns himself with Sami and Kevin to betray him, for example. We all know the fame of the McMahons, it’s more Daniel Bryan remembered him last night when he said in his promo in an ironic way: “How a McMahon betraying his own? Noooooo… ” If you have to bet on some of the heel turn bet on this.

Sasha Banks smashes Bayley

For weeks we have seen how WWE is showing a more aggressive Bayley and that takes the initiative on Sasha Banks in a storyline that should take her to do a heel turn but Bayley is not easy to take that step. We start from the premise that both will be the last two survivors within the first real women’s battle of Wrestlemania and that is where everything will happen, but “the Boss” is a lot of bosses and we are sure that at the moment of truth she will be the one do the turn surprising everyone, since she is being the victim in this story. Remember her character in NXT and the villainy character that gave her so many victories and covers. We bet that if it is not in Wrestlemania Sasha Banks will be “The Boss” sooner rather than later and Bayley will pay the consequences.


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