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Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time


Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

We look at the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling history than we Create a list of Top 10 Wrestling Tag Teams of All Time.

1.Edge & Christian

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

The story of Edge & Christian’s reality works perfectly with kayfabe. A friend of a child who became a classmate of WWE struggle and recruitment. Their passage to The Brood was underestimated, but their label’s career was legendary. TLC games in the late 1990s and early 2000s were highlights for everyone who participated, but E & C was always the best part. Perhaps I was a sentimental loser, but I could watch these people and create magic of battle.



Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

There are two men, Ax and Smash, equipped with bondage, but it is still a list of battles! Well, seriously, it is cheerful to imagine someone is frightened of destruction today, but he has established one of the greatest traditions of this business. Demolition took advantage of Mad Max’s aesthetics and built an excellent career … This is the idea that The Road Warriors had for the first time. It is a book of textbooks.


3.The Hart Foundation

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

The Heart Foundation was originally thought after young Brett Heart refused to be a cowboy. Seriously, are you a “cowboy Brett Heart?” Instead, Bret adapted to pink and black with Jim Neidhart and made a number of excellent matches with The British Bulldogs, The Rockers and Demolition. Naturally, Hitman went to one of the best solo careers forever, but his legacy began here. 1. Y2AJ Ha ha, joke.


4.The Brain Busters

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

Also Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson are in the ring. At WWE, they added Bobby Heenan’s management. Normally when a team moves to WWE, members are forced to rename, but The Brain Busters will not be changed. They were royalty.


5.The New Age Outlaws

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

It goes without saying that the New Age Outrow became obsolete. However, Billy Gun and Road Dog sell a lot of Suck It Tissue. D – Generation X will not be as successful as Outlaws. If that is a good thing, it is like you.


6.The Fabulous FreeBirds

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

The Freebird rule is used each time the barn defends the title of the label in the rotation range. A wonderful freebird is a legend for many reasons, but your legacy is protected when you are part of the mechanical language of the wrestling industry.


7.The Outsiders

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

The story of NWo can not be obtained at once. Frankly, it was not a sustainable and sustainable business model that focused on “old people who really do not care”. Outsider was one of the first television scenarios of the battle incorporating important issues concerning brands, legality, and K-Five. From the signature of CM Punk’s contract to Jesus’ move, all WWF stories since trying to capture the same wise lines as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s Fuzzy Line started.


8.The British Bulldogs

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid had a big contrast. Kid committed a revolutionary crime, but Smith was a punitive, ground and ground breaker. Together they have done a wonderful game all around the world, but established a formula that can be seen today as a team like Enzo & Cas.


9.The Dudley Boyz

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

Dudleyz won 23 championships from all over the world. Crazy right? WWE, IWGP, TNA, ECW, abstract speak for itself. However, if you fully review the possibilities of wonderful skills and wrestling games, you will see Kayfabe and one of the best teams in the real world.


10.The Hardy Boyz

Top 10 WrestlingTag Teams of all time

To be honest, where does WWE have a Hardy Boys? Although I know their courage, JNCO’s appeal does not seem spectacular with modern eyes, but Matt and Jeff (well, in particular Jeff) made this industry formerly irrational three-dimensional high It has opened up to that. It’s really hard to fight, but Hardyz picked it up and down.



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Top 10 Wrestling Tag Teams


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