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Triple H concerned for Braun Strowman’s safety during Fury fight


Triple H concerned for Braun Strowman’s safety during Fury fight

We’re just a few short weeks away from the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia and despite a blockbuster line up on show in the desert, there is one match that is dominating the headlines in the build-up and that is Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman. It’s no surprise really as whenever a professional athlete with no experience of wrestling in the WWE steps into the ring against a formidable opponent, well, interest skyrockets.

This particular time around it is the man mountain Braun Strowman that Tyson Fury will fight and on paper, it looks a mismatch. There won’t be many times you will ever hear that in the build-up to a fight that Tyson Fury takes part in but given that Strowman has the experience, an extra 140 pounds on him and there are no-holds-barred, Fury could be in serious trouble.

At least, that is the way everyone sees it apart from one man, Triple H. The 50-year-old thinks Strowman is the one to worry about given the power Tyson Fury’s punches have. Fury’s speed will be the downfall of Strowman according to Triple H, “poor old Braun would be 370-pound Braun laying on his back looking up at the stars, not having any idea that Tyson even threw a punch yet, but he’s knocked out.”

It seems like Fury has made quite the impression on Triple H with the legendary wrestler saying that Englishman is made for the WWE as can be seen on

There’s a part of you that is left thinking that Triple H is trying to stir up interest in the fight with comments like that but he does actually make a very valid point when it comes to Fury’s boxing prowess. If Fury was able to beat Wladimir Klitschko, as reported on at, the world’s best at the time and maybe of all time depending on who you speak to, with sheer speed of hand then he should be able to make light work of Strowman.

Strowman is, after all, half the athlete that Klitschko was and should be a slow-moving target for the lightning-quick Fury. Having said that though and despite the case Triple H makes, Fury has never had to contend with a 370-pound beast who could quite easily hoist the Englishman above his shoulders and out of the ring. You all of a sudden see why this showdown is attracting a worldwide audience given that it could go either way.

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Many punters the world over will be watching the build-up to this fight to see who has the psychological edge as the smack talk intensifies. What is for certain is that there will be fireworks when these two step into the ring on the 31st of October with annihilation top of the agenda. Triple H may be right and yes, Strowman will have to be wary of the man they call the Gypsy King and his knockout power but this is the WWE and at the end of the day, this is Braun Strowman’s house.


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