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Triple H Participated in Finn Balor ‘s Theme Song Revealed


Triple H Participated in Finn Balor ‘s Theme Song Revealed

Triple H Participated in Finn Balor 's Theme Song Revealed


CFO $, WWE ‘s music composer, was recently interviewed at and it became clear that Game The Triple H was privately involved in the creation of Finn Balor’ s theme song.

There are CFO $ behind the most wonderful tracks of today’s WWE, such as Finn Balor, Shinzu Nakamura, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Sasha Banks.

You can look into how Finn Balor’s entrance music was made:
In the interview CFO $ revealed how Triple H behind Finn Balor’s wonderful theme song had a spirit. (Quoting posting courtesy WrestlingInc):

“As much as we’d like to take all the credit for Finn’s entrance ourselves, we definitely can’t. We had written the main riff and orchestral sections of the song and brought them to HHH and the music team for a brainstorming session while down at an NXT event in Florida. Given the uniqueness of Finn’s character, we all knew his theme needed something special to make it fit him properly. Luckily, HHH had the whole thing mapped out in his head – from the long, moody entrance of the demon – to the choir erupting during the breaks in the orchestra, giving the crowd that perfect moment to throw their arms up and scream. It’s no wonder this one went on to become a fan favorite.”

It is clear that Triple H had a big plan from the beginning of Balor. As we have seen in past NXT acquisitions and last year’s SummerSlam.

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