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Triple H Presents the Scenery of WWE Super Show-Down


Triple H Presents the Scenery of WWE Super Show-Down

WWE has released a recording with the presentation of the scenography of Super Show-Down, the WWE event that will be held in a few hours at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia. The person in charge of making this presentation has been Triple H who has made part of the route of the entrance from the ramp to the ring and has shown us part of the construction as is usually done with the great events of WWE.

“These environments are always crazy, the first time you enter these stadiums you see them as huge,” said Triple H. ” I always feel that ‘calm before the storm’, because when 70,000 people come here, within 24 hours will be deafening. at this point, it’s just a cave, empty and silent. it ‘s hard to describe how it feels here and in your mind trying to imagine what it will be when full, but you can not. “

“Seeing the fans in this city and those coming from other parts of the world, this site is going to be electrifying, 25 years in the business, I guess it’s somehow the Last Time Ever, the last time we’ll be Together in the ring, it’s going to be very special, not only for the people but for us, after 25 years for me there’s nothing but gratitude.

WWE Super Show-Down can be viewed through the WWE Network platform, the WWE online video streaming service. If you have not yet registered with WWE Network, you can watch Super Show-Down for free in your service.


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