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Unbelievable: Charlotte Flair is the new SmackDown Champion

Unbelievable: Charlotte Flair is the new SmackDown Champion


Unbelievable: Charlotte Flair is the new SmackDown Champion

Yes! Incredible as it seems… they are not dreaming! Charlotte Flair is the new SmackDown Champion after defeating Asuka tonight. Everything happened from nothing and here we review the events.

The first woman to appear was Becky Lynch, a participant in the Triple threat for the Women’s Raw Championship of Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. Although now with this surprising news, the fight will not be by double title nor will it be unified. This was confirmed by WWE :


On today’s SmackDown, the Irishwoman was clear: “Ronda takes the title to WrestleMania. I take the fans … What about Charlotte Flair? “

With the above, she claimed that it was not fair that she had to be in a triple threat.

This was summed up by our Editor-in-Chief Ernesto Ocampo in the coverage:
And without announcing herself, Charlotte Flair came to the ring to have a fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship against the monarch, Asuka.

The commentators are completely surprised to see the title at stake. Start even with demolitions and key. Upon returning from the break Asuka takes control and looks for the account without success. Charlotte punishes the left leg of Asuka, who reverses a Spear but gets hurt in the process. Hip Attack and German Suplex of Asuka, followed by two kicks but the same is not enough. Charlotte connects a Big Boot and looks for the account. Charlotte’s Moonsault that Asuka receives with the Asuka Lock. Charlotte turns and covers her, Asuka escapes and connects a great kick for another account of two. After the commercials, Asuka connects another kick but Charlotte continues to resist. Spanish Fly from Charlotte from the corner. 1 … 2 … no! Charlotte unloads elbows but Asuka surprises with a Triangle Choke. Charlotte escapes with a Powerbomb. They struggle looking for their most powerful keys but none achieve control. Finally, Charlotte closes the Figure Eight. Asuka gives up!
Winner and new champion: Charlotte Flair.


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