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Update on the Possible Appearance of The Undertaker


Update on the Possible Appearance of The Undertaker

Update on the Possible Appearance of The Undertaker

Credit: WWE

Tomorrow Monday will be a great day for all WWE fans because the long-awaited return of The Undertaker to the company could happen during the Monday Night Raw show and here we present some clues as to why it will be happening.

Three weeks ago on Raw John Cena named the Undertaker again but this time he went a step further and played with the feelings of the public by saying he challenged ” The Dead Man” to a contest and then say it will never happen.

Cena lost his last chance to get to WrestleMania 34 when he failed to capture the WWE Championship at the PPV Fastlane 2018 and the following night on Raw, in the midst of despair, he challenged The Undertaker in a very surprising way and his words were liked at the WWE Universe.

John Cena to The Undertaker: “While everyone wants to see the fight between Taker and me, only one person is preventing it: The Undertaker. Leave your ego behind. The difference between you and me is that when I fail, I return, smile and start working kicking ass the next day.

“When you fail, you hide your head in the sand and never let yourself see again because ‘you are so embarrassed and ashamed’ of what people can say about you. It’s amazing how a symbol that looks so strong is so fragile.

“Stop hiding behind your weak excuses! You are not very old! You are not broken! Because if you were broken, you would not be posting videos of your exercise routines on your wife’s Instagram!

“The only person who is preventing this fight from happening is you! Envious, inconsiderate egocentric! Do you want The Undertaker to kick my ass at WrestleMania? Do you want The Undertaker to apply a Martinete to more than 70,000 people at WrestleMania? They want to see it and I want to see you trying!

“At WrestleMania this year: Or I’m going as an amateur, it would be a party. Or I’m going as your opponent, which would be historic. The ball is on your roof, dead man! It’s time to see if you’re still alive! ”

When analyzed the poster and the 14 fights that so far will take place at WrestleMania 34, Dave Meltzer said that the Undertaker vs. John Cena was already assured. So the question arises that if Undertaker will appear until the day of combat (similar to what happened to WrestleMania 31 with Bray Wyatt) or if it will be on Raw.

Everything seems to indicate that this last option is the most viable and could happen as soon as tomorrow. This, because Monday Night Raw will arrive in Dallas, Texas to emanate from the American Airlines Arena.

And it is in Texas [specifically in Austin, Texas] where The Undertaker lives and what better way to start your rivalry in his own state.


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