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Update On Why Emma Was Released By WWE


Update On Why Emma Was Released By WWE

Update On Why Emma Was Released By WWE

Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso reported that Emma was expected to be released for quite some time with the company officers, especially with the writing team.

Emma often complains about not being used during the returning angle of particularly terrible “Emmalina” when going to her Twitter account. When the fans remembered, during that time she was promoted to come back for weeks and its return was delayed week by week because of nothing known. The character was destined from the beginning and, to be honest, it was not the best idea from a creative team.

Emma had quite a fever in the company and she said that “making enough enemies for the writing staff” led to her exit. Emma was told that he expressed her opinion in a specific way on Twitter who often did not help her situation. Basically, WWE released her as an example for other superstars who might want to act like Emma who went out within a week after appearing on the main card of pay-per-view. Details about the heat between Emma and the superstars behind the scenes were not written.




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