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Update On Jason Jordan’s Neck Injury


Update On Jason Jordan’s Neck Injury

Jordan’s neck injury could be worse than expected and will require surgery

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Jason Jordan could be out for more than a year due to his neck problems. According to Dave Meltzer advances in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the latest reports medical are not hopeful. At first, it was believed that it was a problem that has long suffered, but it turns out that it is much worse than that.

Meltzer said he “has trouble grabbing with his hands” and that his neck is in very bad condition. As the journalist advances, with this injury, Jordan should undergo surgery and be out of the ring between 12 and 14 months for his recovery. These injuries are reminiscent of those suffered by fighters such as Arn Anderson or Edge. Dave Meltzer said that Jordan is “broken” but wanting to start the recovery.

Jordan was one of the wrestlers that WWE had planned to appear in the male Elimination Chamber. The plan of the creatives was that between him and Seth Rollins they built a rivalry that ended with both fighting face to face in Wrestlemania 34.

WWE has been protecting Jordan so he could make it to Elimination Chamber. He has not fought since the special episode of the 25th anniversary of Raw and since then he has only fought 6 times and in team matches.


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