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Update on Matt Hardy’s health status

Update on Matt Hardy's health status


Update on Matt Hardy’s health status

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Update on Matt Hardy’s health status

As noted earlier, Matt Hardy commented on Twitter that his lower back and pelvis have begun to merge. It seems that Hardy will not retire in the immediate future. Before that tweet, he posted messages that seemed to be implying a withdrawal.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that Hardy is suffering from severe pain with the injury but it is not a terrible pain compared to other injuries he has had during his career. He also reports that Hardy will undergo a new rehabilitation treatment that hopefully will eventually help him.

Hardy is playing tagging his retirement on social media and his recent publications were not intended to show a short-term retirement idea but were published with the intention that fans know he will not be able to fight forever.

The fusion of the back and pelvis is something that could get worse over time. Hardy attributes it to the Leg Drops from the third rope he made during his career. The biggest one that made Edge from the top of a steel cage in the PPV Unforgiven 2005. It is worth mentioning that Hardy fought in the live events of this weekend.


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