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Update on Paul Heyman’s Status with WWE

Update on Paul Heyman's Status with WWE


Update on Paul Heyman’s Status with WWE

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Update on Paul Heyman’s Status with WWE

It is speculated that Paul Heyman will return to the stories of the WWE while Brock Lesnar is training for his return to the UFC octagon in 2019 but Heyman has been adapting to a role behind the scenes while waiting for a possible role on television.

Heyman has been backstage on recent WWE TV taping and has been working behind the scenes, according to PWInsider. It is not yet known how much time Heyman plans to work behind the scenes. This is not The Advocate’s first backstage role as he worked at WWE Creative in the early 2000s and became the chief writer of SmackDown in the summer of 2002.

Heyman started working in backstage before Lesnar left because he was on the writer’s list on a RAW production sheet from the July 9 episode.

It was reported in August that there had been talk of keeping Heyman as a character on WWE TV while Lesnar was gone, but it is not yet known who could become the next Paul Heyman Girl or Paul Heyman Guy.

During the WWE RAW show after Summerslam, RAW general manager Kurt Angle had a meeting with Paul Heyman who came to Kurt Angle’s office to ask for a rematch on behalf of Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship that he lost against Roman Reigns in the main event of SummerSlam after Roman Reigns applied him up to four spears to win the match.

Kurt Angle refused to give a rematch to Brock Lesnar despite the request of Paul Heyman who wanted the rematch in the next WWE PPV, Hell in a Cell. Kurt Angle says he would give him the rematch when he wanted it to be for a long time, if not, which Paul Heyman did not seem to like much as he wants Brock Lesnar to come to his UFC match as Universal Champion.


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