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Update on the returns of Charlotte, Ambrose and Jordan


Update on the returns of Charlotte, Ambrose and Jordan

Update on the returns of Charlotte, Ambrose and JordanThere are many WWE Superstars who are in the infirmary. It seems that when some go out after healing, others go in. Although not all are injured, but simply recovering from other problems. And there are even those who are recovered but have not yet returned to the strings.

In the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has updated the situation of three of the most important cast talents that are currently out of action, anticipating when they could make their comeback, stating that two of them could be in SummerSlam, but one would lose.

Charlotte Flair would be back in about three weeks. “The Queen” had to be absent to repair a broken bust implant. He has recently returned to the gym. He has not had any injuries, but he had been with that problem for a while, so he made the decision to solve it.

He also talks about Jason Jordan, who he says is completely recovered, indicating that his return to the ring will be given when there are plans for him. We will have to see what happens in the coming weeks. There are many expectations with his return given that when he had to leave was at his best.

Finally, Meltzer says that Dean Ambrose is scheduled to return after the summer. This fighter is one of the three who has been out of action the longest, but it seems that little by little everything is going well in his recovery. Since he was injured there have been different rumors about what he could do when he returns to fight.

There has been a rumor that Jordan or Ambrose may appear in Extreme Rules by surprise, but there has been no indication that it could happen. Although in the case of the first, it would be possible given that it has been recovered for months.


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