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Vince McMahon announces future changes for major WWE brands


Vince McMahon announces future changes for major WWE brands

In the recent edition of Monday Night Raw, the presence of Chief Executive Vince McMahon was announced to give important announcements. During the segment in question, McMahon invited the ring to Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, operations manager Triple H, and SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon. All revealed that soon there will be changes in the company.

After introducing their guests, all began to comment on the upcoming developments in the company. The four managers indicated that there will be changes and that now the universe of WWE will be the one to decide what they want. They also hinted at the arrival of a future talent to the company.

After issuing his words, the four were interrupted by the temporary former GM Baron Corbin. He said that what happened last night at TLC, where he was defeated by Braun Strowman with the help of other superstars and thus lose his operative position, was nothing but an injustice.

In principle, Corbin was unable to utter words due to the booing of those present. Even with the intervention of the directors, it was difficult to express their words. The former general manager asked for an opportunity to recover his position, before which the four responded that he would have the opportunity if he defeated Kurt Angle in a match held at the time.


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