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Vince McMahon Plans the Return of XFL by 2020


Vince McMahon Plans the Return of XFL by 2020

The president of WWE will avoid repeating the mistake of making a hurried re-launch

Vince McMahon Plans the Return of XFL by 2020

Vince McMahon, president of WWE, remains on his mission to return to the world of football with the return of the XFL league. In recent months the intention of the wrestling millionaire to revive the league, for which he had begun to invest capital in the Alpha Entertainment company, had been reported. On this, more information has emerged, since the PWInsider portal has exclusively informed that the plan is for the league to return in the year 2020.

Currently, despite the fact that both WWE and Alpha Entertainment are handled separately, the WWE production team is developing audio-visual material to promote the return of XFL. At the moment the project remains in its early stages, ensuring the infrastructure and the teams involved, as well as their sports bodies, including coaches and players.

Unlike his first incarnation, the XFL would be coming back after careful preparation. Originally in 2001, after Vince McMahon announced the launch of the league, it began to rush to start its first season, this in conjunction with the NBC network, which broadcast their games.

This hurry to launch the league is what for many contributed to its failure since both the logistics and the performance of the athletes were affected by it. So far Vince McMahon has not officially pronounced on this new project.


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