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Wade Barrett On If He Now Plans to Return to The Ring

Wade Barrett On If He Now Plans to Return to The Ring


Wade Barrett On If He Now Plans to Return to The Ring

Wade Barrett On If He Now Plans to Return to The Ring

Wade Barrett not only left WWE in 2016 but he also walked away from the fight altogether. He has made sporadic appearances for independent promotions since then but has not returned to the ring since leaving the WWE.

Barrett joined the NotSam Wrestling podcast of Sam Roberts and talked about the risk he ran by dropping something he had done for 15 years and if he now plans to return to WWE:

“It was a risk I had to take. I hate to portray this as a guy who wanted to leave WWE and go act in some movies and take him in that direction, but that was not absolutely my plan. I left the WWE because fighting was totally miserable at the time and I needed to get away from the business. “

Barrett had a three-year contract offer from WWE as well as offers from every other great promoter. But his heart was determined to get away from the ring. I knew I needed something to fill the void of the sport, and that “something” was in the performance:

“Looking back on some of the performances I did, that was what I really enjoyed doing that and had made some contacts in the UK through an acting job I had done with WWE Studios .”

“And I had the opportunity to talk to them. Fortunately, for me, there was a script that came up called I Am Vengeance. I ‘m very excited about how things are going, but that certainly was not the master plan . “

“I think one of the things that happened to me in recent years in the WWE is that I realized how unhappy I was. That’s when I realized that I needed variety and balance in my life. “

“I should never say but at the moment I’m not attracted to being a full-time fighter with nothing else. I like to have balance in my life. I like to be out doing other things like hosting a show on Netflix or filming a movie. Then I’ll make a little wrestling commentary or this kind of thing. “

“And then I’m going to spend a week in Greece with my girlfriend, from whom I just returned. These things were not available to me while I was working for WWE on a full-time schedule. They would never be available while you work full time with WWE. “


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