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Wade Barrett Talks About Why Bad News Barrett gimmick Was Abandoned


Wade Barrett Talks About Why Bad News Barrett gimmick Was Abandoned

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Former WWE superstar Wade Barrett interviewed by Buzzards Wrestling Podcast and told his past at Vince McMahon’s company.

On his time in WWE, what are your memories of your debut on the main roster in RAW with The Nexus, when you attacked everyone and destroyed the ring?

“It was really great. Obviously, there was a lot of pressure on us as new guys and Vince McMahon had literally told us, before we came out that, we better do it right, because if it’s not good, you will not be here for long. So, that’s a lot of pressure when you leave but I think when we were outside and attacking the ring and destroying things, we were so involved in the situation that we did not pay too much attention to the reaction or the atmosphere or how our action was collected by the public.

We were all so focused on making sure we did what we all had talked beforehand. ‘I’m going to do this, you’re going to do this here, how about you do this?’ We had this in our heads and we were so focused on making sure we did not ruin it that by the time we got to the back, we had not really assimilated what was happening.

But when we got to the back, we got a big ovation in the locker room and all the guys who were working there and the people were a little surprised by what they had seen. Then they began to show repetitions of reactions and things from the crowd and that’s when they started thinking about that, ‘Woah, this was pretty big’ and then we realized what we had done.

What we did not think about was the fact that the entire WWE Universe or the fan base had never seen half of a ring knocked down or that they did not know what was under that blue canvas. They did not know there were boards underneath and things like that, so the impact they had on that fan base was much bigger than we could have imagined, simply because they had never seen anything like it before.”

On What happened to the Bad News Barrett gimmick? It seemed like it ended abruptly and WWE left the gimmick, just when it was becoming important.

“They specifically told me that the reason why I was not allowed to say my slogan “I’m afraid I have bad news” is that I was receiving a positive response and wanted it to be heel. I personally did not agree with that philosophy. I felt ‘Look, if they’re going to cheer me up, they like this, let’s go with that. I’ve never been a babyface, let’s go with that. 

The decision was taken over me and then I went Bad News Barrett, a guy who did not cut the promotions and was not giving bad news, so that instigated the transition to a completely different character and that was when the Gimmick appeared. King, so for me personally, as I say, I did not agree, but it was not my decision ultimately.”


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