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WCW Saturday Night arrives at WWE Network


WCW Saturday Night arrives at WWE Network

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WWE will continue to add content to its extensive video library next week. Starting Monday, April 2, WWE will post new episodes of WCW Saturday Night on its official video on demand platform, WWE Network. The company will start publishing material corresponding to the years 1992, 1992 and 1994, according to the WWE Network News portal.

WCW Saturday Night was the television program star of the extinct World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Before the arrival of WCW Nitro, the famous program broadcast on Mondays that went to war with WWF Monday Night RAW, Saturday Night was the place where the best talents of the company were shown.

With the arrival of Nitro, Saturday Night began to be used as a secondary show. Years later, with the premiere of WCW Thunder, Saturday Night was relegated to a third position in which low-profile fighters and developing talents of the WCW school, The Power Plant, were used. The show lost interest and ended up being canceled, as a highlights program, in August 2000.

To date, WWE Network had programs for World Championship Wrestling (1985-1989), the predecessor of Saturday Night. The arrival of WCW Saturday Night is something fans have been waiting for a long time. This incorporation added to that of WCW Thunder weeks ago, significantly expands the WCW content offer available on the WWE Network.


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