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Why Baron Corbin Raw’s new sheriff?


Why Baron Corbin Raw’s new sheriff?

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During the previous Raw broadcast from the Toyota Center in the city of Houston, Texas, the fighters sought prominence in the face of Money in the Bank that will take place on June 17. However, one of the most interesting moments of the program was when Baron Corbin announced that he had been chosen by Stephanie McMahon as the new “sheriff” of Raw.

This great change in his career seems ideal for the wrestler who since his arrival at the WWE flagship show has not had much participation. Dave Meltzer referred to the issue through Wrestling Observer Radio, where he gave his idea of ​​the subject. Here your statements:

“I guess the idea came up when they did not get anyone to have a rivalry with him, so this is a way to keep it in a story with Kurt (Angle) and they started that. But yes, now there are more figures of authority. ”

Also, remember that yesterday Corbin interfered in a fight of Curt Hawkins where he achieved his 200th consecutive loss.

Both are unrivaled, so it would not be strange if WWE announced a showdown in Money in the Bank. For now, Corbin will remain on television with this new charge, keeping order (or causing it) on Monday Night Raw.


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