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Why has the return of Jason Jordan been late?


Why has the return of Jason Jordan been late?

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For months we have been talking about Jason Jordan is ready to return. However, he still does not do it. In the middle of the month, knowing that he could return at any moment, we talked about his next rivalry.

Today we have news about his return because Dave Meltzer has updated in the recent the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

” The return of Jason Jordan has been scheduled for July or.”

This could make us think that the fighter has had new problems in the neck because it was anticipated that he would be back in May or June. In addition, on May 28 he was behind the scenes in a program of the red brand.

There is a lot of desire for Jordan to return to the strings, mainly to see if he continues his rise as a rude or has changed his mind during the time he has had to think during his absence.

Several times it has been commented that he could return for Seth Rollins, perhaps moved by the successes he has had in the meantime. Although it is worth mentioning that right now he is not the Intercontinental Champion.

“The Architect” could join the dispute for the Universal Championship. We will have to see what your former partner thinks of this. Maybe he also wants his chance.


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