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Why HBK vs. The Undertaker would not be the best idea

Why HBK vs. The Undertaker would not be the best idea


Why HBK vs. The Undertaker would not be the best idea

Shawn Michaels did not look the best in Crown Jewel, even he noticed. That’s why, after the event, he told the WWE cameras that he will not do it again. This could change at any time. Moreover, everything seems to indicate that HBK will fight at least one more match before finally retiring.

Who could it be against? Everything seems to indicate that it will be against The Undertaker. we analyzed why it should be like this. One thing that the Hall of Famer could never do is remove the Undertaker. He tried twice but could not. Could it be that the third one is the winner?

Whatever happens, it seems clear that it will not be until 2019. Therefore, the two will have time to rest before resuming their rivalry. But maybe for a lot of rest they take until the match, this would not be the best idea. Especially for Michaels after what was seen a few days ago in Saudi Arabia.

This is the opinion of Dave Scherer, founder of PWInsider, in the recent PWInsider Elite :
“I do not know how Shawn Michaels can look for 25 minutes. I do not even know if he can fight for 25 minutes. “

A solution if the match is really going to take place is that it is not so long. Nor are we talking about the same thing that happened with Taker and John Cena this year. That would really be a mockery of both legends. But maybe a 10-minute bout full of emotion would be a good option.

The truth is that right now it is not clear what will happen. As we say, both have returned to their lives waiting for their next step in the strings. Most likely, we will not see them again on television until the Road to WrestleMania next year.


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