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WWE News: Reason Why The Undertaker Did Not Appear, James Storm in Backstage on Monday Night Raw


WWE News: Reason Why The Undertaker Did Not Appear, James Storm in Backstage on Monday Night Raw

Reason Why The Undertaker Did Not Appear on Monday Night Raw

Credit: WWE

During the broadcast of the last episode of Monday Night Raw John Cena made a new appearance to try to invoke The Undertaker for the last time. On this occasion, like the previous ones, the provocation did not work and the fight between the two did not announce Wrestlemania in any way.

The latest rumors indicate that the fight between John Cena and The Undertaker in Wrestlemania has not been announced because the event does not need its promotion to guarantee sales. As we have previously reported, ticket sales to attend the show are working well and even had a small final push when the return of Daniel Bryan to the ring was announced. With this issue solved, WWE will take advantage of the Undertaker issue to provoke uncertainty until the end.

It should be noted that WWE published an article after the Raw broadcast, which opens the door to a final opportunity for The Undertaker to appear in Wrestlemania on the day of the event. As far as we know, the appearance of Undertaker is a fact and the fight will take place on Sunday.

James Storm in Backstage on Monday Night Raw

Does “The Cowboy” James Storm return to WWE? Surprisingly, and thanks to Paige, it has been known that the Impact Wrestling former wrestler is in Raw locker rooms. What is this about?

Currently, there is no further information, but speculation allows us to point out that Storm could be there present to negotiate a return to the company with Triple H.

As we already pointed out, the Briton could not keep her mouth shut during a live broadcast she made for her fans on her official Instagram account from which you can see a video below:

Paige: “Guys, I just found a cowboy in the locker room … James Storm! What are you doing here, James Storm? “

James Storm: “(Laughter). I do not know! I’m not James Storm, I’m James Strom. “

We will have to wait for the next few days to see if his presence was due only to greeting some wrestlers or to plan a return to WWE, especially to NXT, a brand that abandoned because he did not trust the growth of it and decided to return to Impact Wrestling.


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