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Main Reason Why WWE Needs A Round Robin Tournament

Braun Strowman Beating Roman Reigns


Main Reason Why WWE Needs A Round Robin Tournament


Main Reason Why WWE Needs A Round Robin Tournament

There are a Main Reason Why WWE Needs A Round Robin Tournament

Round robin is not confused with bottomless fry-Peddler Red Robin, a given amount of wrestlers Match against each other, awarded for victory, loss, draw, until everyone faces others There are many tournaments.

This sports intensive style is active in Japanese professional wrestling, and New Japan G1 Climax and All Japan Champion Carnival will decorate the top of the tournament to be held every year. Although it may be used to the format, the round robin of WWE is what the doctor ordered to kick the case of indifferent fighting. In addition, since numerous fans mathematically participate, fans can trick themselves to think that they are doing real work while filling their parentheses.

Victories and defeats are The Big Matter

WWE’s victory and defeat, such as parity reservation, unattractive story, beatdown after the game, is obsolete than his uncle VCR. This video will function as a perfect allegory of this concept. Strowman is WWE, Kallisto is victories and losses, and trash bin is trashcan.

In Round Robin Tournament

Victories and losses can not be counted, but it is literally counted. Encounter with fans will consider whether the match of throwing away or bathing break suddenly must-see or at least affect the result. Victory is that not only the qualifying of the final game and the netting of 2 points but also points can be obtained if Harry Potter tells something. But victory could lead to a huge story such as binding rivals to points, events requiring tiebreakers, or driving rivals. Loss will work as well.

A concrete example of how important results come out looks much more than last year’s G1 Cli-max tournament. In the A block finals, Okada and Tanahashi drew in 30 minutes, so Goto Yuki decided to advance to the finals.



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