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Will Daniel Bryan Return at Royal Rumble 2018?


Will Daniel Bryan Return at Royal Rumble 2018?

Will Daniel Bryan Return at Royal Rumble 2018?

Odds Checker, a betting website, sent a press release to Wrestlezone detailing the extraordinary change in Daniel Bryan’s odds at the Royal Rumble from 66/1 to 4/1, explaining that the change is the result of ‘sources internal ‘that confirm the return of Daniel Bryan.

Odds Checker says he has information about the return of Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble

Before Monday Night RAW, Daniel Bryan had as many chances to win the Royal Rumble as CM Punk, the NXT Superstar Roderick Strong and the currently suspended, the 205 LIVE Superstar, Rich Swann. But sometime during or after RAW, his chances rose like foam and at the time of writing these lines, he is currently the third favorite to win everything.

As part of the Wrestlezone press release from the betting site, an Odds Checker spokesperson, George Elek, offered his statement about the dramatic change in Bryan’s odds and interestingly confirmed the reason why the change appears to have happened.

“There may be something in this story, however, with our sources claiming that the plot between Bryan and Shane O Mac is coming to fruition and that it results in a fairytale return victory, for the superstar who has constantly fought. “

According to Odds Checker, he has confirmed that the increase in Bryan’s likelihood of winning the Royal Rumble has been caused by insider information suggesting that the current story between SmackDown LIVE commissioner Shane McMahon and general manager Daniel Bryan is driving. to his return inside the ring.

We will see if in this story there is any truth or has only been an “exclusive” of the page of bets to increase its popularity and raise more money in the face of Royal Rumble.


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