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Will Roman Reigns be Investigated on The Issue of Steroids?


Will Roman Reigns be Investigated on The Issue of Steroids?

Will Roman Reigns be Investigated on The Issue of Steroids?

As we have already told you, WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns was recently involved as a client in a steroid distribution network by incarcerated trafficker Richard Rodriguez, who has been incarcerated since the DEA entered his Miami gym in February. 2017. The accusations against Reigns and actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel were made during a telephone interview that Rodriguez made with Jon Bravo.

TMZ reports that police sources have confirmed that Reigns, Wahlberg, and Duhamel will not be investigated by the DEA because the agency does not pursue alleged purchasers of illegal drugs. Instead, the agency focuses its resources on going after alleged leaders of drug trafficking plots like Rodríguez and other distributors, manufacturers, and traffickers.

Reigns issued a statement last week and said he does not even know who Rodriguez is. Wahlberg also says that the claims made by Rodriguez are false.

“I never heard about Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition,” says Reigns’ statement. “I learned from the mistake, I passed 11 tests as part of the WWE’s independent drug testing program.”

The Drug Control Administration arrested Rodriguez in February 2017 accused of illegally trafficking in steroids imported from China for distribution in the Arizona and Miami area. Earlier, in June 2016, Roman Reigns was suspended for violating WWE’s “Health and Wellness” policy, although in the report he said he had tested positive for Adderall. Jon Bravo has been thoroughly investigating the theme of the Iron Addict gym and made a video with Rodriguez as the protagonist (as you can see in the minute 4 and 30 seconds):

“What I’m trying to do is clear my name and warn people of all the people involved in this business,” Rodriguez said. “One of them, in particular, is a very famous fighter called Roman Reigns, who was formally introduced to me by one of my collaborators,” he said with a laugh. “I think I heard about him in one of Bravo’s many videos about it.”


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