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Will WWE’s new TV deals end the “indies”?


Will WWE’s new TV deals end the “indies”?

Will WWE's new TV deals end the "indies"?

SmackDown Live will have a new house next year: Fox. And what a priori should not imply a profound change to the result of the product, it may be because yesterday we collected some estimates from Dave Meltzer stating that the new chain that decides to broadcast the blue show will prefer a program of three hours at least start.

But the consequences seem to go much further affecting the entire wrestling business. This is what Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez believe which under recent editions of the Wrestling Observer Live and the Wrestling Observer Radio offered an analysis of how these new television agreements promise to shake up the sports entertainment industry.

First of all, Alvarez wanted to dwell on the fact that SD Live at least under monetary terms will now be considered the WWE Show A, since it is said that Fox has bought the rights to broadcast the program for a dizzying number: one billion dollars. And as you know, Monday Night Raw will stay on NBC thanks to an equally colossal amount. So, consequently, it is very likely that this tendency of the last seasons to program important combats in the weekly shows is maximized. A new stage where the ratings will be the kings again.

“If you think you’re going to book the big matches for WWE Network, those days are over. Now everything is going to revolve around television. Do you understand? Everything is going to be based on television. So there’s going to be a new era in wrestling. There will be a ‘bookeo’ for WWE, and a different ‘bookeo’ for the rest of the promotions. ”

And on this last point, the other companies, Meltzer wanted to stop, to be questioned about whether other territories will be altered. And his response was not very encouraging for fans of the “indies”. Again, those millions that WWE will receive are key and it seems that they will use them to monopolize all the possible talent . Consequence, is the independent scene doomed to disappear?

“There will be many changes. I think you know that a lot depends on WWE. Because you have to ask yourself if they want to stack 200 talents in their Performance Center to keep everyone away from the indies. Do you want to do that? Maybe.

“Arguably, independent wrestling is not a threat to WWE but watching what happens with the UK division, it is clear that they will go all out and do everything possible to ensure that no company takes hold in the industry. ”

A competition is always healthy in order to grow as a product but as far as we can tell, Vince McMahon keeps a very different opinion. If Triple H is considered a brilliant promoter a good part is due to its breadth of view and its consideration for the “indie”. Hence, NXT is the best we can see today in WWE programming. Hopefully, for the good of the industry, Meltzer’s words do not come true.



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