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The Winners of the WWE Tryouts of Saudi Arabia


The Winners of the WWE Tryouts of Saudi Arabia

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WWE has published on its official website the winners of the tryouts that the company has done at the King Sports Abdullah in Jeddah, where the Greatest Royal Rumble event will take place next Friday.

In these tests there has been a high participation of local talents from the Middle East area, training during this week with coaches of the WWE Perfomance Center and under the watchful eye of the president of operations Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

8 wrestlers have been awarded the prize to continue progressing in the WWE Perfomance Center in Orlando to have a future opportunity to advance and participate very soon in WWE shows. The winners are the following:

  • Hussain Aldagal (1.90 meters, 97 kg) with experience in volleyball and bodybuilding
  • Mansoor Al-Shehail (1.82 meters, 79 kg) trained by WWE Hall of Fame member Dory Funk Jr.
  • Faisal Kurdi (1.75 meters, 81 kg) MMA fighter and Muay Thai specialist.
  • Nasser Bawazer (1.90 meters, 113 kg) champion in boxing, MMA and aikido
  • Khalid Alhothali, a bodybuilding competitor who has fought in boxing and jiu-jitsu.
  • Abdullah Almagrabi, a 102 kg fighter specialist in karate
    Faisal Allabboudy, a 23-year-old athlete who has participated in bodybuilding, swimming, and boxing
  • Asaad Alshareef, a 23-year-old wrestling specialist in Greco-Roman wrestling

As WWE informs in its news, one of these fighters will have the opportunity to participate in the big event next Friday at The Greatest Royal Rumble. Its function is not known but it is estimated that it will participate in the Royal Rumble.


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