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World of Sport Reportedly planning a the United Kingdom tour


World of Sport Reportedly planning a the United Kingdom tour

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world of Sport (WOS) goes for all. According to Wrestling Observer, the famous British wrestling program is considering the possibility of touring the UK if audiences respond positively. Martin Goldsmith, the owner of Event Merchandise and promoter of the WWE SummerSlam 1992 event held in London, could be involved in the tour if it ends up confirming. This would be a risky bet that, if it goes well, would make fighters stars in the UK, as they would be seen by a large number of people.

The same portal informs that ITV, the chain that owns the broadcast rights, is treating the wrestlers as actors or elite athletes. This implies that wrestlers receive amounts of starting at $ 1000 per day of taping. In addition, they would receive royalties in case of reissuance of the chapters and merchandising sale. The wrestlers hired have no exclusivity clause, so they can continue working in other companies with the exceptions of WWE or some other promotion with an important television agreement.

On the other hand, the war between WWE and World of Sport still stands. Twelve of the wrestlers that WOS was interested in hiring to have ended up signing an agreement with the company of Vince McMahon. Still, there is a prominent name of the British independent scene that, according to reports, has rejected the offer to be part of the division of the United Kingdom. Chris Brookes, former PROGRESS Wrestling tag team champion and former world champion of Fight Club: PRO.

It should be remembered that the ITV channel taped four episodes of the series on 10 and 11 May which will be issued from July 21 by ITV. The reactions of the audience will be key to determining the future of World of Sport. The initial tapings had names like Will Ospreay, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Wade Barrett, Joe Hendry and Doug Williams, among others.


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