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The official WrestleMania 34 Poster Revealed!


The official WrestleMania 34 Poster Revealed!

The official WrestleMania 34 Poster Revealed!

Credit: WWE

It’s official! At exactly three weeks of WrestleMania 34, WWE has revealed what will be the official poster of the Pay Per View event that will probably have fourteen fights. Then the image of art and several curiosities of it.

The official WrestleMania 34 Poster Revealed!

WrestleMania 34 Poster

It was revealed through the WWE YouTube channel. As we can see, the first thing that stands out is that the contenders to the maximum titles of the company were not located “face to face” style, but are in the same row, one below the other.

It also highlights the great position in the poster of Ronda Rousey, the beautiful woman who will surely become one or the female face of WWE in a couple of months and whose marketing and magnet power to sell tickets is undeniable after its great pass by UFC.

And speaking of the largest MMA company in the world, another curiosity is that it could be the last poster of WrestleMania with the image of Brock Lesnar due to its almost imminent march. In total there are 27 names of the Superstars whose image appears on the poster.

The fans have already pointed out that The Undertaker does not appear anywhere, but do not worry, as we have already been advancing here, the fight against John Cena will go.

Other fans wonder why Naomi is present, who has not announced an individual fight on the show:

“Why’s Naomi on it though, she won’t be having a match (unless its the battle royal). Wish the Bludgeon Brothers were there though. Good poster otherwise.”


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