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WWE Announces the Dates of Two Live Event Japan


WWE Announces the Dates of Two Live Event Japan

WWE Announces the Dates of Two Live Event Japan

WWE has announced the dates of the next live show to be held in Japan and that will correspond to the show of the Smackdown according to the first announcement of the roster.

WWE organized several live events in Japan last year including RAW brand house shows in June and July as well as a SmackDown live event last September.

From Osaka to Tokyo, WWE enjoys a large following in Japan and seeks to further expand its base of followers in the Japanese market, especially given the rich culture of professional wrestling in the Asian nation.

In addition, WWE has confirmed two events that are scheduled to take place on June 29 and 30 at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

The events are designed to have Superstars of the WWE SmackDown Live brand, however, the promotion does not yet confirm the superstars that will compete in the events.

Although as we have said the idea is that the brand of Smackdown is present in Japan, it would not be surprising that as has been the case on other occasions, some fighters of the RAW brand, such as the case of Asuka or Tozawa, make the tour with the people of Smackdown.

Nor could we rule out the presence of fighter Kairi Sane, who won the Mae Young Classic tournament and who was recognized in Japan as one of the best fighters in the country just behind Io Shirai. Kairi Sane right now is on NXT but it will not be strange to see her on the Japan tour and make her debut on the main roster for these shows.


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