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WWE Changes The Name of Iconic Duo to The IIconics


WWE Changes The Name of Iconic Duo to The IIconics

WWE Changes The Name of Iconic Duo to The IIconics

WWE has changed the name of the duo consisting of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce from Iconic Duo to The IIconics. This is due to marketing issues and the impossibility of registering such name as a commercial brand, according to portals such as 411 Mania and Wrestling Inc.

In the registry of the United States patent office, you can see that this name is registered by the company of sportswear, t-shirts, hats and footwear, Iconic Duo DLL. Because WWE records the names of its superstars recurring phrases or team names to produce similar products, the company could not produce merchandise for both superstars, this being the reason for the name change seen on SmackDown Live last Tuesday.

It is worth mentioning that WWE has had similar problems in recent times one of the most memorable cases being the “Bálor Club”, a brand that the company registered but later lost due to the claim of Baylor University which used an extremely similar that generated confusion.

Anyway, in this case, the application by the registered trademark by Iconic Duo DLL was recently published by the US patent office with the possibility of filing an opposition. This would mean that another company could file a claim for the name and if it is considered valid. the office could cancel the original registration. Taking into account that WWE changed the name of the Australian duo. it is presumable that they will not make such an opposition.


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