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WWE Confirms the Schedule of Royal Rumble 2018


WWE Confirms the Schedule of Royal Rumble 2018

The kickoff show will last two hours and will be broadcast on WWE Network

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WWE has informed through an official statement the schedules of Royal Rumble, an event that will take place this Sunday from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It has been confirmed that the kickoff will last two hours and start at 5 ET. The show will start at 7ET, as usual in the four major events, except Wrestlemania. We still do not know the full duration of the event, but Royal Rumble is expected to last 4 hours, six counting the kickoff. Then, we leave you the full schedule of the show and the kickoff show:

Kickoff show schedule : 23:00 in Spain | 7:00 pm in Montevideo (Uruguay) | 7:00 in Santiago (Chile) | 7:00 pm in Buenos Aires (Argentina) | 5:00 pm in Lima (Peru) | 5:00 pm in the USA (EST) | 4:00 pm in Mexico City (Mexico) | 5:00 pm in Bogotá (Colombia) | 6:00 pm in Caracas (Venezuela) | 6:00 pm in La Paz (Bolivia) | 6:00 pm in Puerto Rico.

Show hours : 01:00 in Spain | 9:00 pm in Montevideo (Uruguay) | 9:00 in Santiago (Chile) | 9:00 pm in Buenos Aires (Argentina) | 7:00 pm in Lima (Peru) | 7:00 pm in the US (EST) | 6:00 pm in Mexico City (Mexico) | 7:00 pm in Bogotá (Colombia) | 8:00 pm in Caracas (Venezuela) | 8:00 pm in La Paz (Bolivia) | 8:00 p.m. in Puerto Rico.

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