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WWE could make new NXT in Japan or Mexico

WWE could make new NXT in Japan or Mexico


WWE could make new NXT in Japan or Mexico

In recent statements to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Triple H said that WWE intends to create new development territories around the world. Thus, the wrestlers of countries like now Germany, may in future Italy and many more may be part of the company without having to travel to the United States. This would be good for them and also for the company. He also commented on many other interesting things for 2019.

On the other hand, in the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer opined on the words of HHH, while adding a little more information.

“He did not say where, but I’ve heard several different places. I am referring to Germany, obviously, the United Kingdom, obviously, Saudi Arabia, obviously. There are probably also others like Mexico, South America, Japan. Actually, I heard Japan as one of the places.

“He said there will be a lot of news about this next year. But the idea is that all the champions in NXT can travel all those places and that the champions of these places can also go to the United States. He also said that the UK guys will come to WrestleMania weekend. “

The truth is that many things could happen but right now nothing is clear. Although it seems clear that WWE will continue to grow next year and looking for international expansion. We will see how this affects both the company itself and the others because they could lose a significant number of wrestlers.

If the idea is for talent to fight in WWE but in their territories of development all over the world, knowing that they will start with the big nuclei, the companies within them will lose fighters and wrestlers who will obviously want to be in the biggest company in the world. world. We will have to see what happens.


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