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WWE Crown Jewel Preview: October 31, 2019


WWE Crown Jewel Preview: October 31, 2019

This PPV has got some interesting matches on the card, but once more you just feel that it’s about the money for the WWE. There are just a few matches on the schedule which had a real build-up until now, but let’s talk about them one after another.

20-Men Battle Royal – Winner faces AJ Styles for the WWE United States Championship

This match will take place in the kickoff show and the winner of this Battle Royal will face the Phenomenal One on the same night for RAW’s mid-card title. Since a lot of superstars who would usually be the one you would expect to win this match are in other fights this night, we maybe see a big surprise. Furthermore, in this match will only be superstars of RAW and guys like Drew McIntyre, Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton are in other matches, so we likely see a new face in the title picture. However, it’s really unlikely that AJ Styles loses his championship at this event, but maybe it’s the begin of a new feud.

Largest Turmoil Tag Team Match in history to declare the best Tag Team in the world

All tag teams which are part of the roster of either RAW or SmackDown will be in this match. I’m quite unsure what the victory will bring the team which wins this match, but it will anyways include a lot of action. This fight’s purpose will surely be to hype up the crowd for the rest of the show which also counts for the 20-Men Battle Royal in the kickoff show.

Mansoor vs Cesaro

Mansoor is currently part of the NXT roster but doesn’t get that much attention there. However, he’s the local hero in Saudi Arabia. He won the 50-Men Battle Royal at this years WWE Super ShowDown. On the other side, Cesaro doesn’t really get any good matches or segments at the moment and in the light of this, Mansoor will surely win this match to be once more the local hero.

Team Hogan vs Team Flair (5-on-5 Tag Team Match)

The team of Hulk Hogan contains the performers Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Shorty G and Ali. On the other side, we have King Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura. Since Hogan is in the feud between him and Ric Flair the face and Reigns is in his team, they likely get away with the win. However, the feud between Rusev and Lashley will certainly play a big part in this match.

Natalya vs Lacey Evans

This will be the first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia and considering this, it’s quite a big match. Maybe even the most important for these two women in their career so far. They have to perform perfectly in this match. The constellation is a bit strange since they teamed up two weeks ago against the Kabuki Warriors on RAW and in the light of this, it seemed as the feud would be over. However, this time the performance of the two superstars will be more important than the actual ending.

Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman

We shouldn’t expect an outstanding wrestling match between these two since Fury is a boxer. The main reason why we get to see this match is the money which WWE receives for this event and the salary which Fury gets for this fight. However, since the undefeated boxer said that he’s interested in continuing to work as a wrestler after this fight, this match could be indicatory. It would be a big surprise if Fury would lose this match since he is undefeated, but on the other side, it would be strange when one of the big faces of the WWE would lose to a boxer. So, the ending of this match could be quite interesting.

Seth Rollins vs “the Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Falls Count Anywhere Match that can’t be stopped for any reason for the WWE Universal Championship

WWE really booked themselves once more into a dead end. This was already the case ahead of the match between these two men at Hell in a Cell, but the additional rule that the match can’t be stopped for any reason made it just even worse. The Fiend won’t lose this match since it looked way too strong in its two matches so far while it would make no sense to take the title away from Rollins since Wyatt got drafted to SmackDown. In light of this, the only logical way to solve this situation will be a draw. Maybe we’ll see an outstanding move from both, and they fall from a great height to get knocked out since every other ending would make no sense. Anyways, this match could be quite interesting to watch since in truth both men are great in-ring performers.

Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez for the WWE Championship

Even though it’s a bit strange to give Velasquez instantly a title shot as he just joined the WWE, this fight has a lot of potential. Both men a former UFC fighters and have a background story since Velasquez took the UFC Championship from Lesnar back in time. I guess that this match could be quite brutal, but that’s exactly what could make it so interesting. It’s quite hard to predict anything since all endings are possible. It would make sense to give the title to Velasquez since he signed a contract with the WWE and so he could have more matches in the future. At the same time, Lesnar is one of the most dominant stars of the current era. Since we’ll likely see a draw in the match between Rollins and Wyatt, I think that we’ll have a clear winner in this match.


Even though there are some matches on the card with not such a great build-up, this PPV could be very interesting. One of the main reasons for that is that it’s almost impossible to predict anything for the last three matches. In all three cases, it’s hard to say what could happen. However, in light of this, it’s likely that we get at least one surprise and in the truth that is one of the most important factors for a PPV. So, Crown Jewel has the potential to be great.


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