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WWE Decides to Distance Himself From Donald Trump


WWE Decides to Distance Himself From Donald Trump

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WWE has taken the decision not to get involved in political issues since the president of the United States, Donald Trump is in the mandate. “The company does not want to mix the policy with the product we present,” Stephanie McMahon said at a conference in Los Angeles, California.

Let’s remember that Donald Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame in the celebrity section, and he has done business with them in different editions of WrestleMania, especially as part of the “Battle of the Billionaires” segment at WrestleMania 23, together to President Vince McMahon.

This decision is also due to the fan base that the company has in its shows. This one inclines more towards the side of the Democrats, with a great part of the hearing being Latin, reason why it does not make sense to alienate the base of fans. However, it should be remembered that the family matriarch, Linda McMahon, works in the Trump Administration.

In the situation in which the company finds itself, Stephanie and her husband, Triple H, do not want her to “enter into conflicts over the country’s political situation.”


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