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WWE would be Forcing Neville to Stay Until the End of his Contract


WWE would be Forcing Neville to Stay Until the End of his Contract

The former Cruiserweight Champion would want to leave WWE, but the company would be forcing him to stay until his contract ends.

WWE would be Forcing Neville to Stay Until the End of his Contract

Over the past few months, it has been reported that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, had moved away from the company. The Briton was absent from different shows and since last September has not appeared by WWE. New information would indicate that the relationship with the company is still in poor condition and that it would have to wait until it leaves.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist specializing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, commented on the latest edition of his radio show about the state of Neville and WWE. According to Meltzer, the situation between both parties is not right as indicated by some reports. Neville would still want to leave the McMahon company, and WWE has no plans to bring him to television programming in the near future.

Meltzer emphasizes that WWE would be using the strategy of waiting until the fighter’s contract ends until it is released. After this time and going through the 90-day period of the non-competition clause, Neville would be free to go to the company he wanted. This information coincides with that provided in November by Sports Illustrated, which also indicated that the company would opt for this decision. At the moment it is unknown when Neville’s contract with WWE will end.

The last television appearance of Neville was last Tuesday, September 26, 2017, where he defeated Ariya Daivari. Neville maintained at the time a rivalry with Enzo Amore, which was unfinished. During that time, information emerged that Neville had asked for his contract to be rescinded, but he would have met with the refusal of the directors. Since then, the fighter has not appeared on television or live shows, with the company avoiding mentioning his name on the screens and even withdrawing it from the introductory video of the 205 Live program.

Neville would have been unhappy with the use he had had during the past year. Neville and WWE would have tried to reach an agreement at the end of November, allowing him to return with more relevance and moving away from the Cruiserweight division, according to various media reports. However, at the beginning of December, it was revealed that the negotiations had been broken, keeping the distance between both sides.


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