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WWE Hell in a Cell Review: October 6, 2019


WWE Hell in a Cell Review: October 6, 2019

Before we kicked off the show Natalya was able to defeat Lacey Evans during the kickoff show. The actual pay-per-view started with the match for the RAW Women’s Championship between titleholder Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. This match took place inside the Hell in a Cell. These two women received a lot of time to work together and that definitely paid off. They delivered an outstanding show and their fight took about 22 minutes.

They used all possible weapons including chairs, kendo sticks, ladders and tables. Besides, they really worked with innovative and new spots. Furthermore, the match was pretty brutal as a Hell in a Cell match should be and perfectly showcased the hate between the two superstars. In the end, Lynch performed an Exploder Suplex off the ropes onto several chairs which laid in the ring and followed with the Disarmer to get the win via submission and retain the title. This fight was pretty awesome and let’s see what the draft brings next for these two women since this was her second match after one and another. In light of this, I guess this feud is over.

Next up the team of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns took on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a Tornado Tag match. Bryan and Reigns were able to take away the victory after they hit Harper with a Superman Punch, a Running Knee and a Spear. Rowan was out since moments before that the Big Dog speared him through an announce table. However, Harper and Rowan dominated this match for most of the time and so they still looked extremely strong even though they lost this clash.

When the match was over, Bryan offered his partner Reigns a handshake and the Big Dog seemed to accept it, but Bryan pulled his hand back. Instead, he called for a hug followed by “yes”-chants from the audience and then the two men hugged. Hopefully, this feud is over since it took very long. Although it was a good storyline, Harper and Rowan should go for the Tag Team Championships while Reigns and Bryan are also ready for something new.

After that, the match between Randy Orton and Ali took place which had hardly any build-up. Anyways, the fight itself was solid and it took the Viper about 12 minutes to go over. Even though Ali was able to block an RKO with the aid of a handstand, just moments later Orton was able to perform his iconic finisher and scored the pin. A meaningless but well-performed match which’s duty was probably just to fill the time.

Then the match for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles between the team of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and the Kabuki Warriors was scheduled. After about 10 minutes, Asuka sprayed green mist into Cross’ face to distract her and followed with a kick. After that, she was able to pin Cross and because of that, Kairi Sane and Asuka are the new champs. I expected a split of Bliss and Cross which didn’t take place but maybe we’ll see it within the next weeks.

After that, the OC took on the Viking Raiders and Braun Strowman in a six-men tag team match. The match ended after about eight minutes via DQ since Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson didn’t stop to hammer away at Strowman. After that, AJ Styles wanted to perform a Phenomenal Forearm, but the Monster Among Men punched him out of the air and then held up his fist while he stood over Styles. He then left the ring and moments later Anderson and Gallows had to help AJ up the ramp since he acted woozy from the punch. Let’s see what this build-up for Strowman and Fury will bring. Anyway, wasted potential in this match since they could have done so much more with these six great superstars.

Then we saw the Street Profits in the backstage area. Carmella and R-Truth approached and Tamina rolled up Carmella to win the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Next up was the game between “King” Baron Corbin and Chad Gable. Before the match started, Corbin has taken a mic and once more told several bad jokes about Gable and in the end, he said that his name is from now on “Shorty Gable”. After the fight already took over 10 minutes, Corbin got his sceptre from ringside and wanted to hit his opponent with it who was able to duck underneath. After that, Gable rolled his opponent up to get the win via pinfall. It’s really questionable where this feud should go to.

After that, the fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship between Bayley and Charlotte Flair was scheduled. However, after their entrances, Tamina was shown as she hid in the international broadcast team section from Truth and Carmella. After some distraction, Carmella performed a Superkick to Tamina which allowed R-Truth to pin her and become once more the WWE 24/7 Champion.

Then the match between Bayley and Charlotte started and didn’t even get half of the amount of time which Lynch versus Banks got. After about 10 minutes, the Hugger tried to get the win with the aid of a leverage pin, but the referee saw it. While Bayley was apologising to the ref, the Queen caught her with a Big Boot and followed with the Figure 8 to win the match via submission.

After the fight, Bayley acted frustrated at ringside and got emotional. This clearly will lead to a heel move, but it’s just a matter of time and how the WWE universe will react to that.

Backstage, we saw Kayla Braxton interviewing Chad Gable. He said that he has shown that he is the bigger man and was happy about his win. However, suddenly Corbin attacked him and after Gable took some beating, Corbin left him lying on the ground. In light of this, the feud will likely continue, but it’s questionable what will come next.

Then it was time for the main event and long-awaited match between Seth Rollins and “the Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship which also took place inside the Hell in a Cell. So, we started this PPV with a Hell in a Cell match and finished it with one. The light in the whole arena remained red during their match.

After some moves to open the match, Rollins grabbed a kendo stick and hit Wyatt with it who didn’t sell the strikes. Then the Architect wanted to perform another move, but the Fiend countered with a massive Uranage. These first seconds let the Fiend look extremely dangerous. Moments later, Rollins sent Wyatt through a table with a Splash from the top rope, but the Fiend just stood up. Then the Beast Slayer performed a Curb Stomp, but Wyatt once more instantly got up.

Wyatt hit his opponent with a Sister Abigail for a near fall. After some other moves at ringside, Rollins put the Fiend back in the ring where he performed three Stomps and one Pedigree. However, his opponent kicked out at one. The architect went on to deliver several Stomps and hit Wyatt with a chair but he didn’t even get a near fall. The Beast Slayer acted shocked, then placed a chair on Wyatt’s face and hit it with a ladder what looked absolutely brutal. The fans booed since the several Stomps many times and continued to do so.

Then Rollins placed the ladder as well as a chair on Wyatt’s face and slammed down on it with a toolbox several times. The boos continued as the Universal champ placed the toolbox on the ladder and chair as he went to ringside to get a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. The referee wanted to stop Rollins, but he anyway hit the objects with the sledgehammer as the ref called for the bell to end this match after about 17 minutes.

The audience booed loudly, and a “bullshit”-chant began. They raised the cage and several referees and EMTs came out to tend to Wyatt. The Beast Slayers leaned over the Fiend, who suddenly reached up to put him in the Mandible Claw. Rollins got dumped to the outside by Wyatt who performed two Sister Abigails. He once more applied the Mandible Claw and blood came out of Rollins’ mouth. To close the show, we saw Wyatt in the spotlight on the stage. The fans booed extremely loud as the show went off the air.

Even though the first two matches of this PPV were very good, the fans will mainly talk about this bad main event. You don’t often see that loud boos in a match in which there isn’t a real heel. This bad main event of such an exciting pay-per-view comes just at the wrong moment since now the fans have with AEW a real alternative. Let’s see how they react on that in this night’s episode of RAW.

All in all, just the first two matches were good, and the other matches were there to fill up the time except the last two championship matches. The fans likely love the upcoming heel turn of Bayley, but that doesn’t matter that much when you have such a disastrous main event.



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