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WWE May be Trying to Damage The Image of Daniel Bryan


WWE May be Trying to Damage The Image of Daniel Bryan

WWE May be Trying to Damage The Image of Daniel BryanDuring the last months, Daniel Bryan and WWE are in a tug-of-war due to the possible return to the squares of the former WWE world champion. The current General Manager of SmackDown Live has not yet received the registration of the doctors of the company, but he is convinced that his body is able to fight again.

The Wrestling Observer has informed in its last bulletin that Daniel Bryan could make a turned heel in the next weeks. The main reason would be that WWE wants to damage its image to the maximum before it leaves the company when its contract ends. No one knows for sure whether the two parties have closed a renewal agreement, but Daniel Bryan has hinted more than once that he could return to the independent scene to fight again.

It is recalled that in recent weeks Daniel Bryan has sided with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in SmackDown Live, characters who play a role of bad guys today. Even though the audience is still with him, the strength of a script turn could increase in the coming weeks. Should Daniel Bryan fight again it would not be like heel, because WWE would be losing money due to the reaction it causes as a face. If your turn is confirmed, it would be a sign that you will not renew a contract in September.

You also have to remember that the option for Daniel Bryan to fight again in the WWE ring is still not 100% closed. In the last weeks, we have read that WWE could form tag team with Shane McMahon or another superstar in Wrestlemania.


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